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Drywall Repair and Installation Done by a Professional Handyman

What Problems Do Handymen Fix on Drywall?  

Today’s handymen work on multiple odd jobs, such as furniture assembly, cabinet installation, minor remodeling tasks, plumbing & electrical fixes, and even drywall repair and installation. Exactly what problems can they fix?

Whether you need a few holes patched or you want to line a whole new room, drywall is crucial to the comfort and interior design of your home. One single hole in the wall can make the room look dilapidated. The finish and texture of the drywall are important, too. Many skilled handymen work on such residential and commercial projects. These specialists can repair your drywall to ensure that your home will look beautiful for many years to come.

Some of the most common issues they cover are cracks, dents, holes, and other imperfections caused by popped nails. As a part of their job, they may also tape, finish Sheetrock, and even apply different textures to make the walls look unique. Some odd-jobbers even paint the drywall after repair or installation. In other words, an experienced handyman can do everything drywall contractors do.

Do not hesitate to ask your local expert to deal with cracks from settling, wear & tear, doorknob holes, moisture damage, kid damage, pest damage, and even yellow stains and discoloration if the material has been exposed to direct sunlight for too long. Their drywall repair and installation services may also encompass Sheetrock and stucco installation, drywall hanging on the ceilings, drywall mudding & taping, drywall painting & texturing too. Many specialists work on various touch-ups to give the home a finished look.

Do you need any drywall work in your home in The Bronx, NY? Or maybe it’s a furniture assembly that you need right now. Whatever it is, our reliable technicians are at your service. Do not deal with holes and cracks on the walls by yourself, but call Bajaha Painting and Handyman Services at (347) 575-5084. Our team of skilled handymen will get the job done for you.